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UP TO 50%

Use the video call service on your website and offer your users a new communication channel that helps you close sales, just as you would in the real world.


An audiovisual system

Personalized attention

With the video call, an operator will personally attend to the user, answering their questions and solving their problems directly.

Immediate presentation

Through Live Video Marketing, an agent can show the product to its users online, just as it would in the real world.

Share content

The system allows you to share useful elements for sale, such as: the desktop, a gallery of images, attached files or commercial offers.


How video call

Can you imagine being able to offer your users personal treatment on your website, as you would do in the real world? With Wannasee you can do it. The Video Calling service or Live Video Marketing is simple to implement in your eCommerce or web page, and easy to start up. We tell you how it works.

Incorporate in your site a call to action, which makes clear the contact live with a specialized agent.

When the user clicks, a non-intrusive pop-in will appear in which he must enter his telephone number and acceptance of the legal terms.

The agent receives the video call request on his dashboard, accepts it and contacts the user via videoconference and telephone.

No need to download, the user is having a conversation, in which the agent can also share their desktop, documents or images and videos

To show your product (a vehicle, an apartment on the beach or custom shoes) you only need to have an agent in your showroom, which can show the user through your Smartphone, any part of it that is required.


Upon completion, the agent can make a commercial offer that ends in sale. When closing session, the agent fills out a report about the service, and the user completes a report about satisfaction. In this way you can learn from your results.


Advantages of Video Call

A tool with great possibilities for your eCommerce that will allow you to increase your conversion rate up to 50%.

It allows you to improve the user experience of your eCommerce or your business online, with a personalized service.

It helps to heat the lead and direct it to the sale, with the commercial work of the agent that is behind the video call.

It gives you the possibility to send a final commercial offer, that transforms into a sale, going to the final trade.

It boosts and substantially improves the after-sales service of your company, with easy access for your clients to your service.


Where to apply it

Wannasee is useful in any business, but it is especially visible in:

Increase your conversion to sales, through live online attention.


Why Wannasee

Wannasee is a Live Video Marketing tool developed by ARTYCO, a company specialized in CRM, Relational and Digital Marketing, and Customer Intelligence. We have been helping our clients since 1995 to improve their relationship with their own, focusing on knowledge, strategy and personalization. An effective Marketing and create an excellent user experience, is the first thing for us.

In addition to Wannasee, we have these other tools aimed at improving the business of our customers:

Lead on Site

Monitoring tool, lead capture, lead scoring, lead nurturing and conversion to sales. Having developed this tool, allows us to adapt it to the needs of each client as if it were tailor made.

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Take to the real world the virtues of the online world through WiFi Marketing and monitor the physical visits to your business (around where they move more, the time in each area, …) and carry out campaigns in real time based on their behavior.

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CRM Dialogue

We have been designing CRM and loyalty strategies since 1995 with the aim of converting clients into prescribers. For this, we have developed our own CRM, which we adapt to the needs of our clients.

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welcome to Wannasee

The leading Live Video Marketing tool in the Spanish market, through which you can offer your online users a unique, satisfying and profitable experience for your business, helping you to increase your conversions by up to 50%.


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    Wannasee is a tool developed by the IT team of Artyco, a company specializing in customer knowledge and CRM that operates since 1995 in Spain.

    Parque Europa Empresarial · Edificio Londres, Oficina 3
    C/Playa de Liencres nº 2 · 28230 Las Rozas (Madrid)

    +34 91 640 41 50

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